The Random
Magic Trick Generator

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The random magic trick generator was developed by Lodewijk de Widt and has at the moment 546.367.250 unique posibilities.


The Goal was to create an app to stimulate the creativity of magicians and help them to develop interesting magic and have fun thinking about solutions for the generated tricks.


With this app there is a challenge for you! Generate a trick and perform it! Make a video and I will post it online.


This game is for magicians only! Gather around a few magicians at a convention, magic club or session who are in for some fun and creativity. To keep score, give everyone 5 items, cards, dice, coins, matches or poker chips.

First round The magician with the best invisible pass starts. He generates a random magic trick using the app. He then explaines to the other magicians how he would perform this trick using the correct props and method.

Then the next magicians all do the same: Generate + explain a solution.

After each magician has done his explanation it is time to give points. The magicians give an item to the magician with the solution they liked the most. The magician with the most items wins the round.

After 5 rounds the game is finished and the items are counted, the one with the most wins the game.

Have fun playing!!

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